HS-EDM Parts

TAGUTI EDM online shop offers various high speed wire cut EDM wear parts and consumables for HS EDM machining which uses recycling molybdenum wires and Chinese brand EDM machines. We are all about high speed and medium speed Chinese EDM parts. The commonly used high speed EDM consumables include EDM guide wheel, brass seat and black ceramic pulley assembly, EDM ointment gels, power feed carbide, molybdenum wire and water jet plate. Please contact us for more specifications and rare spare parts.
Brass Seat Pulley Assembly guide wheel roller HS edm machine
High Speed Guide Wheel Pulley Assembly
Guide wheel pulley assembly has the features of guide wheel brass seat, specialized bearing for wire EDM cutting, precious assembly, good concentricity, small gap, stable wire transport, wear resistance, long service life. TAGUTI INDUSTRIAL LIMITED 1. The functions of guide wheel pulley assembly in high speed wire cut machine: HS-WEDM...
Biaxial metal wire cut guide wheel spare parts guide roller
Biaxial ceramic guide wheel white ceramic double side edm wear parts supplier
Guide wheel or guide roller undergoes the quenching treatment with precious grinding of the inner groove, good wrapping of molybdenum wire, small runout, stable wire transport, long service life for medium or high wire EDM. 1.The functions of guide wheel in high speed wire cut machine: HS-WEDM guide wheel is...
JR-3A WEDM Concentrated Ointment Gel for Wire Cutting Machine
JR-3A WEDM Concentrated Ointment Gel for Wire Cutting Machine
JR-3A WEDM concentrated ointment gel or JR-3A EDM gel has high concentration, environmental friendly character, fast processing speed, good finish and good chip removal, suitable for processing large thickness workpieces. JR-3A WEDM concentrated ointment ◆ Concentration Solution:Put the ointment into running water with a ratio 1:40-50 (ointment:water) and stir until...
Molybdenum wire for high speed edm machine | TAGUTI
Molybdenum wire TAGUTI for medium and high speed edm machine reusable cutting wire
Molybdenum wires for wire cut EDM processing features with Mo content≧99.97%, tensile strength≧2300N/mm2, accurate wire diameter tolerance, low elongation and low loss, suitable for processing large thickness workpieces. Advantage of TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire 1.Strict material selection-selection of pure molybdenum materialsand excellent electrical erosion resistance;2.High tensile strength-not easily fracture of wires;3.Low...
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