Delivery Information

Delivery Information

1.when you place an order online and arrange the payment,estimated delivery and shipping time will be informed base on the actual conditions of goods and express service provider you choose.

2.Usually we deliver goods within five workdays, then email you the tracking number to monitor shipping progress.

3.According to regulations of express service provider, the shipping freight is calculated comprehensively by the volume or weight of the goods.

4.The online shipping freight template is affected by the system setting defects and the adjustment of express service provider, so more refunds and less supplements of freight are adopted when the difference between the estimated freight and the actual paid freight exceeds 10% in the system.

5.About free shipping goods
We will choose an appropriate express to deliver the free shipping goods based on the volume, weight and time of transportation.For few countries that are not suitable for free shipping, we will properly charge the freight difference and choose a better forwarder for shipping.