Brass wire and lon exchange resin

Brass wires have a lot of excellent characteristics, such as high precision, high tensile strength, excellent perpendicularity, and high surface finish. They are especially suitable for high-speed processing of AWT machine tools.Ion exchange resin has the features of high effluent purity, stable water quality, and large exchange capacity.Ion exchange resin can effectively adsorb metal impurities and ionized metal ions in the working fluid to ensure the stability of processing.
Ion exchange resin edm machining
Ion exchange resin wire edm
TAGUTI MB-9L mixed bed resin dedicated for low speed wire cutting is ready-to-use resin comprised of gel-type strongly acidic cation exchange resin and strongly basic anion exchange resin. It is made with special resin used for high transition and special purification process as well as mixed and compounded according to...
EDM Brass Wire wire cutting machine
EDM Brass Wire wire edm
This TAGUTI brass wire draws its properties from high grade alloy. The excellent tensile strength of the wire, as well as the exceptional surface property, improves significantly the cutting precision. It is made by normal brass alloy to be used normal machine condition at WEDM. The auto threading rate can...
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