Wire EDM filters specializing in wire cut EDM processing mainly consists of filter paper and metal mesh. The quality of filter paper determines the filtration accuracy and service life. TAGUTI brand wire EDM filters adopt German made filter paper with labyrinth wood pulp fibers for different processing conditions and cutting materials. TAGUTI designs multiple choices in filtration accuracy like 3-5 microns, 7-10 microns and other options with high accuracy, a wide range of applications, large dirt holding capacity and long working life.
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Wire EDM Filter S642D854P13 Z476A1010500 04.01.430 04.01.616 YT-36P-20
S642D854P13,Z476A1010500 Wire cut EDM filter is adopted with specialized German filter papers for EDM processing with high filtering accuracy, large water flow, high filter area and long service life, suitable for both low speed and medium speed EDM cutting. ◆ TAGUTI Code: YT-36P-20 ◆ Reference Number: A162,DW-36,04.01.430,04.01.435,04.01.616,S642D854P13,Z476A1010500 ◆ Dimensions: Φ340*Φ46*300mm ◆ Connection system: Φ20mm side nipple ◆ Flow direction: Dual flow...
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