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X085C257H01 X085C155H01 M220 Mitsubishi Upper Nozzle Composite
X085C257H01,DFA0600,275241,X085C155H01,DEG4100,DEG41A,252206,DFA4100 Water nozzles upper and lower possess the precise internal diameter, vertical water column outlet, high wrapping of brass wire and good cost performance in electrical discharge machining, suitable for high speed cutting. ◆ Commodity: Upper nozzle composite ◆ TAGUTI number: M220 ◆ OEM numbers: ID=Φ4.0mm X085C257H01,DFA0600,275241,X085C155H01,DEG4100,DEG41A,252206,DFA4100 ◆ Packing quantity:...
Items 1 to 1 of 1 total