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Wire cut EDM wire cutters are used to cut brass wires, which have many characteristics after quenching or coating treatment, such as high surface hardness, good wear resistance, stable performance, and low friction coefficient.Wire cut EDM cables are used for the transmission of discharge energy. They also have many characteristics, for example: small internal resistance, large processing current, low energy loss, good insulation, and can be bent repeatedly and not easily broken.
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S684D894P09A X056C326G51 M501 Mitsubishi Wire Cutter Unit
◆Commodity:Wire cutter unit 49*35*46mm ◆TAGUTI number:M501 ◆OEM numbers: S684D894P09A, X056C326G51, 57663, M1535, X056C326G52,154281 ◆Packing quantity: 1 pc(s) ◆Machine type: Mitsubishi BA24, BA8, CX10, CX20, FA10, FA10-P, FA10-V, FA10-VS, FA20, FA20-P, FA20-V, FA20-VS, FA30-P, FA30-V, FX10, FX10-K, FX20, FX20-K, FX30, FX30-K, PA20 ◆Application: Wire-cut EDM ◆Category: Cutters
Items 1 to 1 of 1 total